Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Sales Strategy, Sales Enablement, Salesforce CRM Admin, Microsoft Office, Web Design, Adobe Indesign & Photoshop,  DSLR Photography/ Processing, Fundraising – Project Nepal.


Syracuse University The College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Cum Laude in Psychology Study Abroad | London | Spring 2011


Solar Consultant at Sungevity, sold & managed installations of over 1.3 M of residential solar nationwide totaling $4.9M of revenue# 1 SALES – top performer out of 65 sales people resulting in 147 installed projects.




Sarah is a curious, passionate and loyal spirit. Always eager to learn and expand her horizons, she has a tremendous amount of energy and dedication. She has a broad understanding of multiple domains and is able to make connections between them, often in novel and innovative ways. She is eager to grasp new concepts, and through deepening her understanding, make them her own. Courageous and willing to be vulnerable, she shows up with authenticity and genuine interest in others. In ownership of her creations, she is an asset to any team.

Philip Horváth Culture Catalyst & Planetary Strategist – International Speaker, Trainer, Advisor

Although I cannot take credit for hiring Sarah – Ryan and Jared have that honor, I enjoyed working with her from day one. Sarah has always been a great source of knowledge on the Verba product line and was always there to offer help when needed.

Kathleen Hayes, Director, Institutional Sales at Verba Software

Sarah is an extremely talented salesperson. She hustles as though closing deals is going out of style and does so by building strong relationships with clients and asking the right questions. She learns quickly and develops passion for whatever she is selling but has a particularly special place in her heart for solar, technology, and climate solutions. If you’re looking for a top performer for your team, you’ve found her.

David Radzihovsky, Partner Account Manager at Mosaic

Sarah and I worked together for a year in the residential solar industry. Sarah was an excellent communicator, both internally and with our clients. She was always someone that was willing to step in and go above and beyond her duties on the consultant team to make sure all of her clients were being taken care of. Sarah did a great job with downstream communication with our other departments and simplified complex financing and construction circumstances to help our homeowners understand and keep them engaged throughout the process.

Martin Teynor, Project Manager at Sungevity

Sarah is a tenacious worker, a brilliant communicator and, above all else, a genuine friend who radiates contagious positivity. While I’ve never worked with Sarah in a professional setting, I’ve seen enough teams fly or fail to know just how valuable – and far too often overlooked – company culture is. I can confidently say that adding Sarah to any organization, team or project will instantly catapult its culture and productivity to the next level.

Sarah brings out the best in people, it’s as simple as that.

Joe Quinn – Friend

I previously worked with Sarah Howard at Sungevity and I would highly recommend her in two ways: As an employer, you want her as an employee because she is a great ambassador for your brand. Second, you want her as your representative if she is offering you a product. I’ll explain each point as follows: She always came to work with a can-do attitude. She always challenged what “couldn’t” be done by relentless effort and ingenuity to make the impossible possible. She was always putting her customers first when I worked with her at Sungevity. There were many times, as an operations specialist, I had to tell her no or that what she was trying to do wouldn’t work. Rather than quit, she engaged in conversation to try and come to a solution that benefited the client/customer. I highly recommend Sarah for her professionalism and passion she can bring to her job every day.

Cole Hancock, Sales Support Representative Team Lead

Sarah is a very dedicated, hard working individual who has always been both pleasant and efficient whenever I interacted with her. Any questions I ever had she was either able to answer or immediately would research and get me the best answer ASAP. She would make an excellent addition to any team.”

Dwayne McDaniel, Agency and Community Success Manager at Pantheon Platform


The 10 Principles of Burning Man Explained

I am the Acculturation lead for Reverbia, a 300+ person sound camp that plays 130 hours of live music all week right on the Esplanade (or the main road). I wrote the following blog to provide more information and resources about each principle and their corresponding behaviors so we can continue to contribute to Burning […]

Unicorn Insurance- The Evolution of Scaling Teams

The Current State of Business In a previous article, Internal Culture is External Brand, I introduced the current state of business as a state of constant change also known as VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. I mention that startups are well-positioned to deal with volatility and uncertainty given their nimble nature. Yet, in order to scale […]

Internal Culture is External Brand

Current State of Business The military coined a term in the last century — “VUCA” which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In the past, VUCA situations arose in business during a culture change ie. a re-organization, a bankruptcy, IPO etc. Culture change in organizations used to be a one-time event and employees could be at ease […]

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