About Sarah


Sarah is a social problem solver and curious change maker with a natural love for sales. She also has a passion for self growth and is motivated by activating people’s fullest potential. She has proven success in sales operations, B2B Saas sales and B2C solar sales, navigating industry knowledge with ease within companies at various stages of growth. Her resiliency supported her within systems that were not designed to support her sales style and cultures that she couldn’t easily relate to.

Frustrated by the toxic sales cultures (that hold most back), she has committed to the learning and development industry where she can focus on creating healthy workplace cultures. She believes that bringing curiosity, active listening and trust back into the workplace creates intrinsic motivation that is necessary for humans to have the capacity to create and innovate!

She is currently working with her team at LUMAN combining human transformation with innovation and ultimately increasing collaboration through ownership of outcomes and connecting to purpose. There are products designed for HR, Marketing, and Sales teams as well as org-wide strategy, tailored to the growth stage and needs of the particular organization.


(Ditching the 3rd person....)

I am someone that cares deeply about what I am involved with and the people I am connected to. I am always laughing, having fun, learning and growing. I have a passion for human transformation- I love to listen to monologues especially when they are about growth and expansion. Self-care is very important to me- I love to cook for myself and others, go to see live music (and play music) and I have many embodiment practices- skiing, cycling/MTB, kundalini yoga, pilates, backpacking, climbing, walking my dog Banjo, gardening. I love to read and I am currently geeking out on neurology and archetypes.