About Sarah


I am passionate about motivation and engagement in the workplace. I have a background in psychology where I learned about human development and essentially how to manipulate behavior. I have experience across many sales roles where I learned how systems and tools work to enable salespeople. Most recently I supported workplace culture and leadership development consulting companies where I observed the typical cultural problems companies face. We worked to train the skills necessary to create innovative, resilient cultures built to withstand the future of work. Through my experience, I have developed a holistic point of view around how to properly motivate and engage employees, identify roadblocks and retain top talent.

I am looking for opportunities that allow me to collaborate with leadership teams, influencing strategic decisions while owning the design of processes and programs that enable team success. I am excited about environmental sustainability, innovation and user design as well as workplace culture development and coaching.


I am someone that cares deeply about what I am involved with and the people I am connected to. I am always laughing, having fun, learning and growing. Self-care is very important to me- I love to cook for myself and others, go to see live music (and play music) and I have many embodiment practices- skiing, cycling/MTB, kundalini yoga, pilates, backpacking, climbing, walking my dog Banjo, gardening. I love to read and I am currently geeking out on neurology and archetypes.