Sarah thrives as a change maker and enjoys leading talks that open people to new ways of being. Past engagements include speaking at higher ed conferences on the future of course materials, leading workshops at EcoSystm Coworking and she is a trainer at LUMAN. Her experience in psychology, experience design and workplace culture supports her to engage everyone in the room.

Past Engagements:

Spoke at multiple higher ed conferences on the future of course materials (inclusive access).

Led a workshop in Nepal for a women led solar distribution conference.

Co-facilitated conflict resolution trainings.

MC & trainer for Corporate Startup Summit in Zurich

Current Engagements:

Leads workshops at Ecosystm Coworking in San Francisco.

Trainer at LUMAN

Current speaking engagement topic:

Evolve Sales Leadership to Evolve your Company

Your salespeople are natural intrapreneurs with the capacity to be of more strategic value than just hitting their next quota. Many motivation tactics are dated and limit the potential impact of a great salesperson. We aim to create high-value exchanges with our customers but neglect this tactic when motivating our sales team. Learn to approach your sales people as valuable front line innovators.


LUMAN is a strategy firm who designs and deploys programs that bring human transformation and innovation together to create cultures of continuous evolution. Our programs develop leaders with the capacity, tools, and operational process to identify, derisk, and implement innovation.