Sarah Howard


I am passionate about understanding what creates collaborative and productive teams and the intersection of individuals and their connection to purpose. I have a background in psychology and am a trained leadership development coach where I continue to learn about human development and essentially how to create lasting behavior change. 

I have experience across many sales roles where I learned how important it is to add value to the customer in every interaction and how the internal culture of an organization shapes the external brand. Most recently I supported workplace culture and leadership development consulting companies where I observed the typical cultural problems companies face. We worked to train the skills necessary to create innovative, resilient cultures built to withstand the future of work.

Through my experience, I have developed a holistic point of view around how to properly motivate, engage, and retain talent which starts with a sense of trust and belonging. I bring this perspective to Turning Basin Labs, a cooperative staffing agency that is worker owned and ran with a focus on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. As the community catalyst, my goal is to build a community and culture that is supportive and prosperous through hosting monthly events and engaging an online community. Each event will focus on how to improve DEI throughout the recruitment journey and connect workers and employers helping to build diverse teams and supporting diverse talent in their roles. I hope you will join us to create a fair chance for all!

I am available for consulting projects around engagement and/or enablement on teams as well as part-time training and coaching roles. Check out my services here!


Sarah Howard Coach




  • Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Community Design
  • Training
  • Sales Strategy & Enablement
  • Salesforce CRM Admin
  • Microsoft Office
  • Fundraising – Project Nepal
  • Learned communication skills necessary for collaboration
  • Conjured the courage to be vulnerable
  • Confronted impostures syndrome
  • Learned to set boundaries
  • Ran culture at my 300 person Burning Man camp
  • Achieved #3 top solar consultant out of 65 reps
  • Syracuse University The College of Arts and Sciences B.A.
  • Cum Laude in Psychology
  • Study Abroad | London | Spring 2011
  • New Ventures West Integral Coach Certification ACTP ICF


I am someone that cares deeply about what I am involved with and the people I am connected to. I am always laughing, having fun, learning and growing. Self-care is very important to me- I love to cook for myself and others, go to see live music (and play music) and I have many embodiment practices- skiing, cycling/MTB, kundalini yoga, pilates, backpacking, climbing, walking my dog Banjo, gardening. I love to read and I am currently geeking out on neurology and archetypes.