Sarah Howard

Purpose Statement:

I believe that service, psychological safety, and inclusion are the foundations of any successful team.  

We need to redefine the way we motivate and engage our sales people, shape the culture of our sales teams, and develop our sales leaders.

Salespeople and entrepreneurs have the capacity to be trusted advisors, frontline innovators, and brand ambassadors- I help them to realize this through integral sales coaching, workplace culture consulting, and human centered sales training. 


Origin Story:

I approach sales enablement in a way that I wish it was offered when I was selling Saas products, solar hardware, and consulting services to businesses and consumers in Silicon Valley. I was adequately supported with onboarding and ongoing sales training, yet I still struggled. I battled impostors syndrome, scarcity mindset, a loud inner critic, and a male dominated team I didn’t feel I belonged to. After doing the inner work necessary, I was able to breakthrough as a top performer, yet none of this was guided by my diligent and well meaning sales enablement team. I also saw how both internal mindsets and external cultural dynamics played a role in productivity and engagement and I followed this curiosity.

On a mission to better understand what creates collaborative and productive teams, I started my consulting company where I supported small businesses specifically in the workplace culture and management training industry. I helped them to scale with excellence and hire their first salesperson while I learned about typical cultural issues companies face and how to address them. My clients focused on workplace communication, leadership development, intrapreneurship & innovation training, and diversity, equity & inclusion. Here I learned of the importance inclusion and psychological safety play on any high performing team.

Once I felt I had a good grasp on the broader, cultural lens and how external dynamics and narratives shape our behavior, I decided to zoom in on our internal narratives and mindsets to gain a holistic viewpoint. In so doing, I completed my certification as an Integral Coach from New Ventures West. I now have a methodology to ground my passion for personal development and my background in Psychology from Syracuse University. Integral coaching is a whole human approach where I help people to deepen into new ways of being and figure out who they need to be in order to reach their definition of success. 

Wrapping all of my experience together, I now approach sales as the context of personal transformation, helping sales organizations and entrepreneurs to authentically achieve breakthrough growth. The Human Centered Sales services are designed to pair with your internal sales enablement efforts to create a holistic way of supporting your sales organization. I look forward to partnering with you and your team to achieve breakthrough growth! 

On a more personal note, I am an avid skier, mountain biker, yogi, rock climber and enjoy playing guitar and walking my dog, Banjo in my hometown, Oakland, CA.

Volunteer Experience

Startup Trainer & Mentor

I volunteer with Plug & Play, NUMA, and Starda Ventures (accelerator programs in Silicon Valley & NYC). I support startups to build their team and culture, and implement human centered sales strategies. I offer sales training and 1:1 mentorship.

Acculturation Lead Reverbia Burning Man Camp 2019

I designed and implemented the acculturation initiative for my 300+ person sound camp including blogging on each Burning Man Principle, facilitating workshops, and speaking

White Affinity Circle Lead

I facilitate weekly meetings for white woman to face their unconscious bias, create anti-racist habits, and to fight for racial justice. 

Community Lead, Turning Basin Labs (DEI Staffing Cooperative)

I facilitate roundtables for job seekers on topics like wadge disparity, women in leadership & STEM, allyship, inclusive cultures etc. in person and online. I built and ran the online community on Mighty Networks.



“Sarah is a curious, passionate and loyal spirit. Always eager to learn and expand her horizons, she has a tremendous amount of energy and dedication. She has a broad understanding of multiple domains and is able to make connections between them, often in novel and innovative ways. She is eager to grasp new concepts, and through deepening her understanding, make them her own. Courageous and willing to be vulnerable, she shows up with authenticity and genuine interest in others. In ownership of her creations, she is an asset to any team.”

Philip Horváth Founding Partner, LUMAN