Sarah Howard

I am passionate about understanding what creates collaborative and productive teams and the intersection of personal development. I have a background in psychology from Syracuse University and am an ICF trained Integral Coach from New Ventures West. As a coach, I help people to deepen into new ways of being and figure out who they need to be in order to reach their goals. I built my sales career in tech at companies at various developmental stages in the Bay Area. In order to succeed, I had to put “cultural blinders” on so I could sell in a way that was authentic to my style and contribute to the overall success of the organization by dismantling silos and creating a fluid customer experience.

On a mission to better understand what creates collaborative and productive teams, I started my consulting company where I supported small businesses, in the workplace culture and management training industry, to scale with excellence and hire their first salesperson. Clients included, The People Piece, LUMAN, and Turning Basin Labs. I came away with a deeper perspective around workplace culture including team dynamics & communication, DEI, engagement and motivation, leadership development etc. I have expanded my sales coaching and consulting services to entrepreneurs across industries and appreciate working with values based, purpose driven leaders.              

I am now bringing my experience together to offer sales coaching and consulting for tech companies to create more inclusive, human centered sales practices. I am currently available to take on new clients dedicated to challenging the status quo and ready to make a big impact on their client’s success. And yes, increased revenue will be a welcomed byproduct of our efforts!

I am also an avid skier, mountain biker, yogi, rock climber and enjoy playing guitar and walking my dog, Banjo.

Relevant Experience

Acculturation Lead Reverbia Burning Man Camp 2019

I designed and implemented the acculturation initiative for my 300+ person sound camp including blogging on each Burning Man Principle, facilitating workshops, and speaking

White Affinity Circle Lead

I facilitate weekly meetings for white woman to face their unconscious bias, create anti-racist habits, and to fight for racial justice. 


“Sarah is a strong listener and group facilitator. She is outwardly aware, selfless, and proved herself willing to put in the hard work to get the job done right over the time we worked together.”

Nick Ellis Co-Founder, Turning Basin Labs (DEI Staffing Cooperative)