Feedback is a gift. It’s proof that someone cares enough to be vulnerable and offer feedback to support your growth. This fixated mindset is not your true essence, it’s your ego’s response to protect. You don’t need protection right now, you are safe. Your growth starts when you stop to appreciate the gift of feedback, listen to others’ perspectives with openness and courage. Stop fighting. Soften into this moment to learn and grow into the leader you are.

I welcome you to try and channel empathy for the violent protestors- try to understand what might cause you to get so angry you’d break a window. Empathy is your tool right now to step out of your ego’s indignant ways, to step away from the trap of right/ wrong, good/ bad, peaceful/ violent binaries it loves so much. You and these violent protestors are both fighting for the same thing, for your voice to be heard. The difference is that if their voice isn’t heard their loved ones and communities will continue to die. Ask yourself the next time you post, am I humbly posting this from a place connected to my core values and am I open to feedback? Or am I posting this to “prove them wrong”? And let’s be real, the black community and their allies aren’t wrong right now.

P.s. Empathy goes both ways in giving and receiving feedback- shaming people doesn’t create behavior change. Care personally and challenge directly.