Integral coaching for salespeople & entrepreneurs

Sarah A. Howard

I see salespeople and entrepreneurs as frontline innovators and influencers. I work with them to help align with the impact they want to make and build the resilience and communication skills necessary to enroll potential clients into new ideas and authentically close more deals.

I have a holistic approach to coaching where I consider the whole human including their culture and the metanarratives that have greatly shaped us. I believe that change only happens when integrated in the body and we are able to access all of our intelligence centers- the head, heart, and body. I balance the latest in neuroscience with the wisdom of Buddhist philosophy. I am trained in the Integral Coaching Methodology from the New Ventures West ICF Certified Program.

I am a white, able-bodied, heterosexual woman from a lower middle class background and a proud public school alum. My parents are separated. I am committed to owning my own privilege in my life and continuing my lifelong journey of allyship.

Areas of Focus

Complimentary Offering

  • Connecting to purpose and meaning in life
  • Leading from your personal values
  • Creating healthy team dynamics
  • Building sustainable and nourishing habits
Revamp Your Elevator Conversation

I am on a mission to strike the elevator “pitch” and empower people to speak from their values and beliefs and enroll potential clients into *conversations* about them. You will walk away with a clear mission statement and an outlined elevator conversation that is sure to enroll more clients and close more deals. Book your 90 min complimentary session below!

I look forward to meeting you!


“By the end of one session with Sarah I had some new ideas, new (and unexpected) paths to explore, and the desire to take some next steps forward. ” – Lauren

“Within a few weeks of my development plan I quickly started to notice a change within myself and the way that I perceive the world around me. I’ve learned to gain control of my inner thoughts and emotions. There has been a significant shift in my ability to fruitfully communicate with my team, my partner, and MYSELF. Sarah has helped me take self care to a whole new level and I am eternally grateful.” – Julianne

“I found empowerment to find my next version of self to better navigate a career change and the pandemic with your support. Thank you!” – Maia

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