Human Centered Sales Enablement

Sales Leaders, Are You Looking To...

Entrepreneurs, Are You Looking To...

Increase your conversion rate & create a loyal & diverse customer base?
Better engage & motivate your team & decrease ramp time?
Improve team dynamics & collaboration?
Work better with your cofounder?
Create a sales-marketing strategy & process?
Hire your first sales person?
Authentically close more deals & get more funding?

Cultivate successful sales mindsets and cultural dynamics to achieve breakthrough growth.

Workplace culture and sales training

As a certified Integral Coach and workplace culture specialist, I use a blended approach leveraging sales as the context of personal development. I transform both internal and external narratives in order to sell from abundance through training, coaching, and consulting. Intersectionality is at the heart of my offerings.

Common Limiting Mindsets:

Fixed Mindset
Scarcity Mindset
Impostors Syndrome
Inner Critic
Lack of Belonging


Developmental life and leadership coaching- learn how to authentically sell from abundance, confidence, and service from an integral, whole human approach.

Sales Team

A modern approach to sales training that addresses both the mindsets and behaviors necessary to create accountability, collaboration, and customer-centricity.

Sales Organization

Assess your employee's true motivations and leverage human centered sales strategies and performance metrics to increase engagement.

“Many of us have a mind that measures self-worth in terms of productivity… We give ourselves no credit for just being present.” —Jan Chozen Bays


“We chose to work with Sarah to help us with our sales process and outreach strategy not only because of her sales background, but because of the level of care, competence, and creativity we experienced from her. She is flexible, adaptable, and attuned to our constantly changing needs, and always makes us feel like we’re her top priority.”- Leia, TransformMe Now! (DEI Consulting & Training)

Interested in what an engagement might look like?

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