Inclusive & thriving
Sales Teams

Sales Leaders, Are You Looking To...

Entrepreneurs, Are You Looking To...

Improve team dynamics?
Create a more inclusive brand?
Increase employee engagement and motivation?
Authentically close more deals and create loyal customers?
Work better with your cofounder?
Create a sales-marketing strategy?
Hire your first sales person?
Authentically close more deals and get more funding?

Human Centered Sales Practices

Workplace culture and sales training

I am a Sales Coach and Consultant taking a holistic approach to helping salespeople and entrepreneurs authentically close more deals.

Potential Outcomes of Engagement:

Identify & develop new opportunities for customer value creation
Be adaptive, trusted advisors to the customer
Lead a fluid customer experience
Attract & retain a diverse client base
Model an authentic, inclusive, purpose-driven brand
Build a team of salespeople who are frontline innovators
Leverage your sales marketing strategy as an outlet for full self expression

Drive revenue

Sales Team Transformation

Build a more accountable, collaborative, and customer-centric sales team by shifting mindsets & behaviors.

Employee Engagement & Motivation

Uncover your employee's true motivations and needs to increase engagement.

Team Facilitation

Leverage team breakdowns as breakthroughs and build trust.

DEI Consulting

Create a culture of inclusion to create an inclusive brand.
*DEI: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


“Sarah facilitated a DEI discussion with our employee advisory group. She was knowledgeable and thoughtful in designing the conversation to be inclusive and participatory – everything from how to structure the conversation, what language we were using and participation guidelines. Sarah was skilled at facilitating the conversation with curiosity and empathy and then worked with us afterwards to digest the biggest takeaways from the conversation into a succinct action plan to help improve the foundation of our company.” Gavin Crynes Co-Founder, Fare Resources

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