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Transforming Your Organization

In our transparent marketplace, internal culture is external brand. At its best, your company’s culture reflects a commitment to developing the mindsets and behaviors that reflect your mission, vision and values.
In our constantly changing environment, a resilient culture is the the most effective way to mitigate risk. A resilient culture is a culture where ownership is present, where people are invested in outcomes and take responsibility for their actions. A sure way to create engaged, resilient teams is by connecting to purpose and meaning as a source for motivation. 

I work with individuals and teams to help them build the skills needed to withstand the future of work.

My Services

Individual Coaching

A strengths based approach to welcoming new possibilities and meeting high standards.

Sales Enablement Program

A modern sales enablement program where sales teams become more accountable, collaborative, and customer centric.

Workplace Culture Advising

Proactively shape your culture to evolve your organization through training and strategy implementation.

Community Design

A sales-marketing, innovation, and customer retention strategy to drive revenue through network engagement.

How I Work

Behavior change has everything to do with the underlying mindsets that govern our behaviors and ultimately our results. Our underlying mindsets are influenced by our language, experiences, and the system we are in.

Only working with an individual within an unsupportive system will not affect the overall growth of the company. We must also observe how the system, or culture, must evolve to evolve the organization.

I take a holistic approach to identify what your people and your culture need to properly motivate, engage, and retain top talent and ultimately transform your organization.

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